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Why can I not make contact with other members?
You must have a subscription in order to contact another member with a message or through IM. If you do not have a subscription you can buy one by clicking on the "Subscriptions" link on the menu when you have logged in. Please see also the 'contacting' section of the FAQs.
How do I contact others?
Take out a subscription, view a member's profile and you can use the contact options supplied with the profile to contact the other member. That member will then be alerted that you have tried to contact them and can choose whether to reply or not.
How do I manage my account?

Sign in and use the links on your members menu to change your profile, read messages, order subscriptions etc.

You can suspend or even cancel your membership (which removes your profile) by following the 'My Profile' link on the members menu - the members menu appears immediately below the main navigation line near the top of the site, and is only visible when you are logged in.

How do I see all the members who have viewed my profile?

Log in, scroll down and the information is there on the your member homepage under 'Members who have:'. Alternatively, use the button on your members menu (visible only when logged in) 'Manage your hotlists'.

The list will probably not correspond to the number of people who have viewed your profile. The system allows members to view profiles anonymously using their privacy settings menu ('hide me on the viewed me hot list' option). Where someone has signed up to the site but not yet created a profile, when they view someone else's profile they will be counted as they are a member of the site. Until they have a profile, they will not appear on the viewed me hot list because that links to the profile of the viewer - so if there is no profile, the system can not create a link. Currently, there are twice as many people who have registered as have created a profile (we have no idea why as they will be completely invisible on the site and be unable to contact anyone anyway) so there is a big likelyhood that some of these will have viewed you. 

How do I turn off the automatic matchfinder emails?
Log in, select the matchfinder option from the members menu. Scroll to the bottom of the matchfinder options and you can disable it from there.The site administrator can not do this for you, it is completely in your control, not ours.You can switch it back on at any time. The matchfinder operates solely on your settings, it cannot determine the preferences of the possible match e.g. age ranges may not coincide.
How do I view messages from other members?
Sign in. That will display your members homepage. Then simply choose your mailbox option from the links. When the mail box is open, click on the message you wish to view.
How do I get back to the members homepage?
Click on the first members menu link 'members area', just below the row of main navigation buttons.
It is hard to navigate back to search results when you have selected a profile to view.
This can be overcome by saving the search before viewing a profile. After viewing a profile, you can then go to the 'saved searches' section in your members area and get back to the page that shows you the profiles that match your search criteria. This is not a site problem, it is an issue with Internet Explorer, the error page however gives you instruction on how to proceed. The Firefox browser makes less fuss about this!
How do I control my privacy on the site?
Log in and select the privacy link from the member's menu. You can activate and de-activate your privacy options from there.
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