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How do I contact other members?

Firstly, log in and take out one of the subscription options, this will unlock your account and allow you to use the messaging system.

To contact other members, find their mini-profile by either following the link from the matchfinder email you have received, by using the browse feature or by using the search facility. There is an option just below the information on their mini-profile that you can then use to send them a message.

After the initial contact has been made, it is also possible to contact the other member directly from the 'mailbox' option in your member's area.

If the member you wish to contact is online at the same time as you, then you can try the Instant Messaging system, though please remember that people are often wary of contact like this until they know someone. 

How do I know if a member is still active on the site?
You don't, nor do we - that is a privacy issue. Log in and use the free 'wink at me' facility. If they reply, great! If they do not, then it means either they are no longer active, they have registered an incorrect email address on the site or they are not interested in making contact with you.
How do I know if another member has contacted me?
You will receive an automated email to let you know. This email does not contain the message, the message remains safely on the site. The email will be sent to the email address that you have entered in your personal details. If your email address is incorrect, you will not receive notification but the message will still be in your inbox on the site.
I have paid, why has my membership not activated?
There are several reasons why this could be the case, if you do not return to the Mates Down Under site using the link in PayPal, there may be a glitch at the PayPal end, there may be a connectivity problem and so on. We try to monitor payments and check that they activate automatically but we may miss some. Sometimes we cannot find you on the system to check, for example, if your PayPal email is different to the one you used to register, so, if yours does not activate, please let Kev, the webmaster, know at
How do I contact Mates Down Under?

Email Kev, the webmaster, on, please be polite, if something has gone wrong and needs sorting, he will do his best. Some of the problems you may experience may be due to your ISP or your own computer settings, he cannot help with these as his magic is not quite that powerful!

Also, remember that he is not a total Geek and is not sitting at the computer 24/7 waiting for your email! He has a life too (and is based in Europe) so there may be a delay before you hear from him. Unless he is on holiday, the delay will probably be no more than 48 hours. Hopefully this will not place you in a life or death situation.

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